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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hands of Jesus

            I read about a city in England, which lay in ruins thanks to the destruction of World War II. Before the war, the city had previously enjoyed the blessing a large statue of Jesus in the city square. The statue had symbolized that Jesus was ever present and available to help. The war severely damaged the sculpture.
            The citizens of that municipality desired to restore the statue. Before the war, the sculpture portrayed Jesus standing in the city square, his hands reaching out and inviting the people to come. Beneath the statue, a sign repeated Jesus’ words, “Come to me.”
            City leaders brought in the best artists and sculptors to reconstruct the damaged artistic work. Unfortunately, the image has so disintegrated that workers could not find enough pieces in the rubble to reconstruct the hands of Jesus.
            A debate ensued. Several advocated that the sculptors create new hands on the statue. Others stated that they should leave the statue without hands.
            If you travel to the city today, you will see a restored statue of Jesus—without hands. But beneath are these words, “Christ has no hands but ours.”
            I appreciate the symbolism of that statement.

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