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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will Science Eradicate Faith?

I have noticed, the past few years, many fear the impact of new technology and scientific discoveries on the spiritual. I used to fear myself. The past few years, I find myself feeling more optimistic. There are several reasons for this. One comes from observing the astronauts in the space program.

Back in the sixties, when the U. S. was racing the Soviet Union to the moon, a substantial number of people believed the advancement of the space program would eradicate the religious influence in our nation. However, many of the astronauts sabotaged this hope.

In some cases, the astronauts publically and unashamedly demonstrated the influence faith had in their lives. Surely Christmas Eve, 1968 was an irritating day to the atheist. As the Apollo 8 astronauts were completing the first human orbits around the moon, they sent a television broadcast watched by people around the world. In the midst of this triumph of science and technology, the three astronauts, moved by their experience, took turns reading the Genesis’ account of the Creation.

Other moments of faith were not seen by world, but offer us a glimpse into the soul. The faith of Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin was not affected by his training. Instead, he carried with him a communion set to the moon on the Apollo 11 mission. During a rest period on Sunday afternoon, July 20, 1969, Aldrin took time to observe the Lord’s Supper on the moon.

These are just two examples of what was rather common. Technology and science have not dragged most of these men and women away from faith. Rather, they have enhanced their faith. In some cases, the astronauts’ experiences even created faith.

I choose to view their stories as templates for our future. I remain steadfastly optimistic that as we are blessed by the discoveries of the future, we will feel compelled to grow more grateful to God.

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