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Monday, May 10, 2010

How Great is Your Spiritual Imagination?

How far can God take your life?

In 1973, a young college student could not afford a home. She simply lived out of her Ford van, while she worked as a tree cutter in Berkeley, CA.

She finally could afford a place to live when she found a job at a bakery that paid her $400 a month. That lasted until 1980.

In time, she improved her opportunities. Today, Suze Orman’s net worth is approximately $25 million. Her advice is administered in books, on television and DVDS, as well as, the radio. Few could have imagined this transformation in her life.

Where are you in life right now? Are you at rock bottom? Remember, God stands ready to lift you up out of the pit of despair. His purpose for you may not be to give you millions of dollars. However, you may have reached a point so low that many who had millions would gladly give them up to get out of such a place. God will lift you out for free. How great is your spiritual imagination. 

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