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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Indifferent World

Back in 1994, in Mont St. Michel France, Marie-Noelle Gullernee saw that her daughter had fallen into a deep tide pool below the tourist island town. She dove in to save her life. Together, they began to flounder and both of their lives were in danger.

A number of tourists were near and saw the whole thing. How did they respond?

They came; they gawked; they did nothing. No one intervened; no one called for help.

Finally, a local resident became aware of the situation and called rescue workers. The child was saved, but they were too late for the mother.

But all was not lost! A tourist with a camcorder said, "I got the whole thing on tape!" Another hurried away with the videotape, taking it to a local France TV station to put it on the air.

Said a local saleswoman, "It's shocking no one bothered to do anything, but apparently that's how people are nowadays. An accident is just a spectacle because it's someone else's problem.”

Indifference is a sin. I’m glad God did not look upon a perishing world, full of sin, with indifference. John 3:16a tells us that “God so loved the world that he gave…” I think you could just as well write, “God so loved the world that he came to rescue…”

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