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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Almost ten years ago, FOCUS ON THE FAMILY’S H. B. LONDON commented on the calls his organization received on its toll-free Pastoral Care Line.  (FOCUS was making these lines available to church leaders all over the country.) During the course of a one-month period, FOCUS received over 400 calls. Out of those 400 calls, 20 % dealt with sexual issues. This prompted London to write:

“I'm repeating what I have been saying across the country for nearly a decade. If you do not have someone to whom you are accountable, you are vulnerable. If you do not give your spouse permission to ask you big questions regarding Internet use, you are vulnerable. If you do not have someone outside your door or the door ajar when you counsel a member of the opposite sex, you are vulnerable. But most of all, if you do not have a quiet, intimate time each day with the Lord -- to speak and listen and contemplate -- you are vulnerable. The proof is in the calls we receive....”

Accountability is a tremendous deterrent when it comes to sin.

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