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Monday, September 6, 2010

Marathon Man

Several years ago, Sam Gadless went to the doctor. He was in terrible shape.

The doctor told Sam he might not live much longer. Sam made a decision: he would dedicate himself to exercise and see if could redeem his body.

Sam chose to begin a rigorous program of running. Evidently it worked. By the time Sam turned 90, he had completed six marathons. At age 91, he competed in the New York Marathon along with his 56-year-old son and 26-year-old grandson. He completed the course in 8 hours and 26 minutes—that’s a little over a 19 minute a mile pace!

Doctors and others shared with Sam essential truth and provided him with a healthy program of physical exercise. These ingredients, coupled with Sam’s spirit and participation, led to a transformation of Sam’s physical being.

I think it is that way for one who turns his life over to Jesus. Jesus’ word of truth convinces a person to faithfully allow Jesus to live within him. By faith, a person allows Jesus to lead him through a life filled with spiritual exercise. All of these factors combine to transform a person’s life into something vital and healthy.

Has your life been transformed by Jesus?

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