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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

“Winnie Cooper” Has a Theorem

            I loved the eighties’ TV series, THE WONDER YEARS. One of the young stars of the show was an actress named Danica McKellar.
            After the series ended, Danica attended UCLA, where she discovered a love for mathematics. She also found out she was gifted in the discipline.
            In 2005, she co-authored the Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorem. Not bad.
            I would be more than happy to explain to you the nuances of the theorem. Unfortunately, I do not have the time. (Hah, Hah!) Suffice it to say, she did a good job—I take by faith.
            In the ensuing years, Danica has written books primarily designed to encourage young people in their pursuit of mathematical knowledge. Bully for her! (I should read them myself.)
            I have no idea if Danica is a Christian, but I believe she models for those of us who are how we should do the best we can with the gifts God has given us.
            Of course, we should use our gifts to serve the community of faith. However, we should also use our gifts to serve the world, which blesses the Kingdom of God.

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