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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel “high-five’s” the President

             I am not a fan of Jimmy Kimmel. However, I do appreciate something that he said last week at the National Correspondence Dinner in Washington DC.
            Actually, it was at the close of what was basically his standup act. Having entertained and skewered politicians of both parties, and having joked to and about the president of the United States, Kimmel ended his monologue by saying, “I [also] want to think Mr. Mills, my high school tenth grade history teacher, who said I would never amount to anything if I kept [messing] around in class. Mr. Mills, I am about to high-five the President of the United States.” After Kimmel did indeed high-fived the President of the United States, he told the audience--and I am paraphrasing here--, “Take that Mr. Mills.”
            Good for Jimmy Kimmel. He does demonstrate the fact that all of us had better be careful as we watch young people file through our midst.
            I have the privilege of teaching high school seniors at a Christian academy. I teach them Bible. Today's “screw ups” may be tomorrow's bosses.
            For several years I taught freshman Bible a Christian university. Some of those classes had close to a 100 students. Enough time has passed for me to see a few of those freshmen, who seemed destined for failure, turn into successes.
            I have enormous respect for Kimmel, who has taken his disruptive and anti-educational behavior and turned it into an art form. Indeed, he does this so well that the national correspondents believed he would be the ideal entertainment for their annual dinner in which the President of the United States is the guest of honor.

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