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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Kiss of God

            I love the old story of the nobleman and his garden. The source is unknown:

            A nobleman had a garden of beautiful flowers. He had a gardener who was a wonderful steward. He was responsible and cared for the garden with great detail to make it like a paradise.
            One morning, the gardener entered into the garden to inspect his favorite flowers. To his dismay, he discovered that one of his most lovely flowers had been cut from its stem. Next, he saw that the many of the most magnificent flowers from were missing.
            The gardener's adrenaline began to surge through his veins. He was filled with anxiety… and then anger. He hurried to some of the laborers who worked under his leadership and demanded to know, "Who stole my treasures?"
            One of the workers replied, "The nobleman came into his garden this morning, picked those flowers himself, and took them into his house. I guess he wanted to enjoy their beauty."
            That’s when the gardener realized: he had no reason to be concerned. It was good for his master to pick some of his own prize blossoms.

            Deut. 34:5 describes the Lord taking Moses home,  So Moses the servant of the Lord died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord. KJV
            Moses did not die of old age; he died because the Lord said it was his time.
            The original word for “word” is used 341 other times in the OT where the KJV translates it “mouth” instead of “word.” Many of the ancient rabbis noted that and interpreted it in a tender way, “Moses died at the kiss of the Lord.”
            I like that phrase.
            Whenever God is ready to pick me for his house, I am ready. I am ready for the kiss of God.
            How about you?


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