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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Farmer Who Bested Daniel Webster

            Legend has it that the great 19th century U.S. senator and debater, Daniel Webster, was once topped in an exchange with a farmer from his state of Massachusetts.
            It seems that Webster had been hunting and had walked several miles from his Inn. Rather than make the long trip back, he came upon a farmhouse after dark. Webster began forcefully knocking on the door.
            After some time, an upstairs window opened and the farmer, roused from his sleep, stuck his head out. Calling down to Webster he said, “What do you want?”
            Webster called back up to him, “I want to spend the night here.”
            “All right,” the farmer called back down, “Stay there.” Then the farmer shut the window… and went back to bed.
            Jesus wants people of his Kingdom to open the door to those who need his hospitality.

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