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Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Always Feel Like Someone is Watching Me

            A story I’ve told my kids is one told by General Colin Powell. As a young man, Powell had a job mopping the floors at a soft-drink bottling plant near his home. A story told to him served as his motivation:
            There were once three ditch diggers. The first rested on his shovel and bragged about one day owning the company. The second whined about the long hours and low pay. The last digger kept right on digging.
            The years passed, and the first digger could be still found leaning on his shovel. The second digger had retired: receiving a disability settlement for a fake injury. Meanwhile, the third digger… owned the company.
            Powell wrote, "The moral is no matter what you do, someone is always watching. So I set out to be the best mop wielder there ever was. One day someone let 50 cases of cola crash to the concrete, and brown sticky foam cascaded across the floor. It was almost more than I could bear. But I kept mopping, right to left, left to right. At summer's end, the foreman said, ‘You mop floors pretty good.’ The next summer, he had me filling bottles. The third summer, I was deputy foreman. As I have learned, someone is always watching.”
            The Apostle Paul, in Eph. 6:4-8, emphasizes that someone is always watching as well: God.

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