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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dances With Rabbits

WORLD magazine ran a story about a man in Sweden, who was wheelchair-bound for life. He had "proved" to the Swedish government that he was so severely disabled, he needed help eating, moving about, and needed someone to turn him over in his bed. Consequently, the government’s Social Insurance Agency paid out over $420,000 of disability during a three-year period.

However, there was a neighbor watching. This neighbor informed local authorities that the disabled man was perpetrating a fraud. The appropriate people searched the man's house and found incontrovertible evidence of a great scam. It was photographs of the "disabled" man merrily dancing the night away with a female friend who was wearing a rabbit costume.

I am amazed at the human capacity for self-deception, and our ability to convince ourselves we can cover up our sin. David suffered the same illusion when he engaged in a sexual relationship with Bathsheba, and then arranged for her loyal husband to be murdered. He too thought he could escape. He could not, and neither can we.

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