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Friday, February 26, 2010

Narrow Vision

In 1925, Jane Beeson had an excellent piano student. So talented was he, she thought he could make a concert pianist. Instead, Richard Nixon turned his attention to other areas.

A little over forty years later, at his 1969 inaugural, Mrs. Beeson sat in the presidential box with President Nixon during a concert. The pianist Andre Watts was performing. Inspired, Mrs. Beeson leaned over and whispered to the triumphant new president, “Now, Richard. If [you] had practiced on the piano, [you] could have been there instead of up here!”

Obviously, Mrs. Beeson had a wonderful sense of humor (or a prophetic insight to the future, depending upon your political point of view!) When Richard Nixon was a boy, Mrs. Beeson thought she had clear insight on how Nixon could best use his gifts. Her vision was too narrow. Nixon would grow up to literally impact the world.

Reading this story, I could not help but think about the vision God has for our future. In the Apostle Paul’s case, unlike Mrs. Beeson, God saw clearly that Paul was going to reach the Gentiles for Christ—and impact the entire world. Paul, on the other hand, had early on seen the logical connection between his gifts and reaching the Jews for Christ. Paul’s vision was too narrow.

Have other people shared with you a vision for your gifts? Do you have a vision for your gifts? What might God’s vision be for your gifts?

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