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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The First Postmodern Marriage

Do you remember the first postmodern marriage? It occurred in 2003. Jennifer Hoes, in the Netherlands, married—herself. She served as both bride and groom. (Now that had to be hard!)

At the time, she was quoted in the German magazine DER SPIEGEL as saying, "We live in a 'Me' society. Hence it is logical that one promises to be faithful to oneself."

One thing about it, Jennifer Hoes did not hold anything back when it came to her reception. It cost $22,000. I thought one reporter at the time had a good line “… what if she ceases to like herself—will divorce be an option, and which Hoes will get the car?"

I think Jennifer’s little quote speaks volumes about the world we live in:

“We live in a ‘Me’ society.”

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