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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Price of Coffee

            William Barclay writes of one of World War II’s most dangerous missions: British sailing vessels called to transport petroleum supplies from northern Europe into Russia—via the cold North Sea.
            The waters were infested with German U-boats, which sank many of the British vessels. For the sailors on these sinking ships, death would come quickly. The water would literally freeze them to death within a few minutes.
            One sailor who survived those missions was asked, after the war, what one memory he took with him.
            He replied that there were two. First, he said he would never forget the sounds of men sinking in the water, knowing the ship he was on could not stop and help, lest it too was destroyed.
            Second, he would never forget returning to London and hearing the ladies in the stores gripe about the price of coffee.
            Reflecting on that story, Rick Atchley said that when you've been to war, not only do you obtain a sense of priority, but you are galled by the people who don't.
            How about us? There is a spiritual war going on. Do we maintain a sense of priority?

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