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Monday, April 9, 2012

Aim for the Spot

           I love the story of Bill Knox. Bill was a successful bowler back in the 1930s. He once bowled a perfect game—blind. Let me explain.
            In an exhibition, Bill instructed that a screen be placed just above the foul line to prevent him from seeing the pins and the bowling lane.
            He then bowled aiming for a specific mark on the lane’s floor within his eyesight. Bill’s purpose was to illustrate the benefits of spot bowling—a technique that calls for bowlers to aim for a mark in-line with the specific spot the bowler wishes to hit the pins.
            Incredibly, Bill bowled a perfect game.           
            To the Thessalonians, Paul wrote a letter encouraging them to live like Jesus. The key, he taught in I Thess. 5, was to visualize where they wanted to be in the end, and back up and focus on how Jesus wanted them to live each specific day—spot living, you might call it.  
            That is good advice. Let us live today with our eyes on Jesus.

Source: Our Daily Bread, August 4, 1992

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