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Monday, April 16, 2012

I Never Picked Cotton

            I never picked cotton, but my daddy did and his brother did.
            I did live in West Texas for several years. A lot of cotton farming is done out there.  That is why a story Calvin Partain wrote for a magazine a few years ago interested me.    
           Calvin, who grew up in cotton country, noted one day how straight the rows of cotton were on a fellow’s land. He asked the farmer how he made the rows so straight.
            The farmer replied, “When I plow a new role I fix my eyes on an object at the far end of the field and never look back. You can't plow looking back.”
            The Preacher who wrote Hebrews tells us in chapter twelve that God, the angels, and those who have gone on before us join us in the worship assembly. God encourages us, and we in the church encourage each other to set our eyes on what we cannot see—God and his celestial city, and to head in that direction. By the grace of God, the worship assembly helps our lives to be straight.

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