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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


            Myra Blalock was a dear, sweet woman. I say, “was”, because Myra passed away a couple of months ago.
            Last week, our church office received a phone call from Myra’s former boss. She effusively praised Myra. From the boss’s description, Myra authentically illustrated her faith through her work.
            Myra’s employer had been wrestling with how she was going to replace someone so valuable. That is why she called Myra’s church—was there someone else there who might be interested in Myra’s old job?
            Do you hear what Myra’s employer was asking? She was trying to account for someone who had stood out so much in the workplace. She was hoping that perhaps the group that helped form Myra’s faith could help her find someone else who would also be impactful.
            I love Myra’s story. It is a great testimony.
            What about us?
            Are we offering our best at work?
            If we are Christians, are we blessing those in our workplace so much that our employers seek to find the community that is helping to form our faith?

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