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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where Opportunity Knocks

           Consultant Bob Beaudine once advised a man who had a deep desire to become the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. He loved baseball and was intricately involved in the game.
            The position was open, and he had to decide whether not to pursue the opportunity; meanwhile, he had another opportunity that did not look so promising. The commissioner's job seemed the better option.
            Beaudine researched the opportunity for Commissioner and came back with the conclusion that it was not likely he would get it. So George decided to pursue his other possibility–run for governor… of Texas. He ran and he won. He ran again and won by an even greater landslide. Then George W. Bush ran for the presidency of the United States twice and won.             
            What looked like a great opportunity was not, and what looked like a poor opportunity was, instead, a life changer.             
             Keep that in mind when you are at work. What to you may seem a dead-end job may instead be the doorway to your future. I have heard it said (and I believe it to be true) that there is virtually no position in business or industry—be it doorman or trash man, maid or waitress—from which someone has not risen to the position of chairman, president, or some other notable location.
  • ·      Enjoy your work.
  • ·      You never know from whence your next opportunity may come. 

Source: Bob Beaudine, The Power of Who

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