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Friday, December 3, 2010

What Preacher Said This?

What Preacher Said This:

In one hour on ESPN last Thursday evening, there were ads for an erectile dysfunction pill, a genital herpes drug and the sex-sex-sex TV show Desperate Housewives. Anyone ever wonder what happens to 13-year-old boys watching TV these days? One if our neighbors told me the other day her fifth-grade son had all kinds of questions when he saw, in early prime time, an ED pill TV ad that warned viewers that if erections lasted longer than four hours, you should see a doctor. I must live in Prude America. I just think we're pushing the envelope ridiculously far right now.

Okay. This was a trick question. The answer is: he was not a preacher. Peter King, a sportswriter for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, wrote this on SI’s website on October, 11, 2004.

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