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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Throne Room

            When I was in college, I remember hearing a speaker tell a story about the first time a certain pope came to the U.S. Customarily, a pope’s visits would include calls upon cardinals in some of the dioceses.
            Now, in locations in which a cardinal was serving, the Roman Catholic Church maintained a facility containing a throne room. That throne room was to be constantly kept ready so that when the pope visited, he was able to sit on a throne.
            The pope was to visit the cardinal serving in one of America’s great cities. According to lore, the diocese there did not think the pope was ever coming, so they turned the throne room into a committee room. Then word arrived that the pope was coming, and officials could not find the throne.
            The preacher said, “That’s the way it is with me. My heart's a throne room. Or it is supposed to be. It is to be available at all times for Jesus to sit on the throne. Yet, He comes and He can't find that throne, because I'm sitting on it.”
            Remember, Jesus is Lord.

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