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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Water Down the Creek

            I have in my home library Connie Mack’s autobiography. It is an old book, published in 1950. It is a good book.

            Connie Mack was a Hall of Fame baseball manager. His career ranged from the late 1800s all the way to 1950.  Mack retired when he was 87!
            He won more games than any other manager in history; he lost more games than any other manager in history.
            I give this background to say that Mack offers a unique perspective on life. One area on which he is entitled to expound is worry.
            This is what Connie Mack wrote he learned early in his career, “I discovered that worry was threatening to wreck my career as a baseball manager. I saw how foolish it was and I forced myself to get so busy preparing to win games that I had no time left to worry over the ones that were already lost. You can’t grind grain with water that has already gone down the creek.”
            (For younger readers, back in the day, creek water was channeled to grind grain. If the water missed the channel, it was never going to be recovered.)
            Connie offers good advice for life. What’s done is done. Nothing past can be recovered. We have to move on.
            So why worry.

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