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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Man Who Couldn’t Ride

       SHANE is one of my favorite movies. Perhaps you have read the story (it appears in Wikipedia and other internet sites) that one actor found it extremely difficult to mount and dismount horses. Finally, George Stevens determined that the actor had made the perfect dismount—and it was captured on film!
            Thereafter, Stevens used that dismount for every scene he needed with the actor dismounting a horse.
            What about the mount? No problem. Stevens ran the dismount in reverse. Voila! The perfect mount.
            I have not found scholarly confirmation of this story. Even if it did not happen exactly that way, it provides a good parable. A good director can edit a movie in such a way as to take a flawed actor and make his performance outstanding.
            I believe God is like this. He takes our performances, flawed as they are, and uses them for His outstanding purposes.

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