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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brewing Tea for Mommy

            I’ve seen this story making the rounds; my source is Doug McIntosh in his commentary on Deuteronomy.
            A young girl named Sally faced a challenging day. Her mother was sick, and Sally wanted to help. She insisted that her mom stay in bed—like Sally did when she was sick.
            Sally picked up the kitchen; she saw the tea kettle and decided to brew her mom a cup of tea, just like her mom had done for her dad when he had been sick. (This was back in the day, before microwaves!)
            Sally made the tea and, beaming with pride, took it to her mom’s bedroom. Sally’s mom bragged on her and smiled broadly. She praised Sally for her service and kind heart, saying with delight, “I didn't know you knew how to make tea.”
            Sally replied, “Yes I do mommy. I do. I boil the water and tea leaves together just like you always do.” As her mom sipped the tea, Sally further explained, “I couldn't find the little strainer thing, though, so I used the flyswatter.”
            Hearing this, her mother spewed the tea out of her mouth. “You used the flyswatter to strain this tea?”
            Little Sally could tell her mother was feeling anxious. Seeking to calm her, Sally told her, “Don't worry, mommy, I used the old flyswatter so I would not mess up the new one.”
            Sally’s mom summoned the self-control she needed to offer Sally her gratitude and praise, instead of a detailed lesson in kitchen sanitation. She saw Sally’s heart, and she was very pleased.
            I suspect God often wants to choke when he sees the way I mess things up trying to help people. However, God knows I make mistakes, and I glean from the Bible that he is grateful, since I am trying. I believe he feels the same way about you.
            People are precious to God. Serve them as best you can.

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