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Friday, October 5, 2012

“I’ll Be Different from my Parents”

           All of us who are parents would love to have the admiration of our children. Unfortunately, that proves to be very difficulty.
            As an example, let me share with you an essay that my friend’s son wrote when he was in the fifth grade. The city newspaper got a hold of it and ran it in the Sunday edition. I think you may find the letter humorous:

            I have four ways I’ll be different from my parents and here they are.  First I will not be as strict.  Second I will let my kids do anything except watch some rated R movies. Third I will have a different occupation and be more adventurous.
            The reason I picked not to be as strict is because all parents are strict but they never admit it.  Also kids don’t like strict parents.  I will let my kids watch some rated R movies because some are historical like Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line.
            My third reason was I will be more adventurous.  I would like to bungee jump and I would also like to climb a mountain unlike my parents.
            Also, I will have a different occupation than my parents because my Dad is an accountant and my Mom is a teacher.  I haven’t decided what I want to be yet, but I think I want to be something a little more exciting!!

            Aren’t you glad God did not call us to be admired by our kids? That would be a tough job! Instead, he called us to love our kids, serve our kids, and train our kids in the ways of the Lord.            
            That we can do.

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