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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Donkey and the Dad

            When we lived in Argentina, I read a fable. It was out of Mexico, I believe, but it quickly became a favorite of mine. Since, I have seen it translated many times.
            A father was traveling with his son and a donkey. As they walked through a village, the father was leading the donkey while the boy walked behind.
            The residents of the village derided the father for not riding. To quiet them down, the father hopped on the donkey’s back and began riding.
            As they approached the next village, the townspeople reproached the father. “How inconsiderate,” they said, for he rode while making the son walk. In order to please the people, the father dismounted and placed his son on the donkey’s back.
             A few miles down the road at the next village, the people chided the boy for being lazy and making his father walk. They argued that both the father and son should ride the creature. So the father climbed back on and they set off again.
            In the fourth village, the citizens reacted with great anger when they saw father and son ride into the village. How cruel to make the donkey carry two people!
            Father and son were last seen exiting the village—both carrying the donkey down the road.
            It is ridiculous to try to please everyone.
            I am sure that is one of many reasons Jesus said that THE one whose opinion should concern us is God (consider Luke 12:4-12.)

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