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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Man Who Would Not Dance

            There was once a man, who claimed to follow Jesus, who served under Adolph Hitler. He survived the defeat of the Second World War. Years afterward, a Christian writer asked him to reflect upon his experiences.
            One was a memory he held with great pride: during the Hitler years a dance was held one evening, and the believer’s commandant ordered him to go. The disciple of Jesus refused; he believed that dancing was wrong. He risked punishment—even death—rather than go against his convictions on dancing.
            At the same time, this individual who claimed to follow Christ, assisted Hitler in his effort to eliminate the Jews. That’s right, the man who would dare sacrifice his life rather than attend a dance, was part of the Holocaust.
            Now folks, I’m not a fan of dances, but I think someone had his priorities out of whack.

Story source: A PECULIAR PEOPLE—Rodney Clapp

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