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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Captain of Our Ship

In this blog, many stories I share are more accurately called parables. Like Jesus, I tell them for the point of the story. They may or may not be true. The following is one of those parables.

A seagoing captain commanded a passenger ship that was sailing from Liverpool, England, to New York. His family was on board with him. One night when everyone was asleep, a squall unexpectedly swept over the waters and tossed the ship violently, awakening the passengers. They were all terribly afraid because of the storm.

The captain’s little 8-year-old girl was also awakened. “What’s the matter?” cried the frightened child.

Her mother told her that a sudden storm had struck the ship.

“Is Father on deck?” she asked.

Her mother responded, “Yes, Father’s on deck.”

Hearing this, the little girl snuggled back into her bed and in a few moments was sound asleep. The winds still blew and the waves still rolled, but her fears were calmed because her father was at the helm.

God’s Word tells us, when we face the trials of life, we rest assured knowing God is on deck steering the ship that is this world. While we have free will, we can experience peace knowing God can work His will no matter what decision we make. Moreover, God is steering his ship toward a meaningful destination.

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