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Monday, January 11, 2010

Who Is Going to Hold?

John Brodie was pro football’s first player to sign an million dollar contract. His career spanned from the late fifties to the early seventies and during his prime, he was without doubt one of the great quarterbacks in the game.

In the mid-sixties, Brodie and the old American Football League’s franchise—the Houston Oilers—arranged a deal which called for him to switch leagues and join the Oilers. It was this transaction that helped to cause the merger between the National Football League and the AFL.

Because of his success, a reporter decided to goad Brodie a little during a particular press conference. The reporter asked Brodie why it was that a million dollar quarterback had to hold the football on field goals and extra-points. "Well," Brodie replied, "If I didn't, it would fall over."

Now that's a great answer. John Brodie certainly didn't have to hold the football. Some other "lesser" player could have performed this menial task. But Brodie's answer indicated an attitude of humility. An attitude which displayed that he was not too big for a job.

Surely we Christians, called by Jesus to be a humble people, can demonstrate this kind of spirit.

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