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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Those Are My Trophies

Mark Kriegel writes that a few years ago, Michael Shustek, chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas-based real estate company, Vestin Group, hired Joe Namath as the company’s spokesman.

Shustek grew up a huge fan of Broadway Joe, the superstar athlete who famously guaranteed his New York Jets would defeat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. His favorite BRADY BUNCH episode was the one where Joe Namath made a guest appearance. He was also well aware of Namath, the playboy bachelor, who spent the first twenty years of his adult life squiring the most beautiful women of the world.

But Namath married and had two small daughters. “Broadway Joe” was no more. Instead, Namath had devoted himself to his wife and his two young daughters. He endured a devastating divorce, in which his wife left him for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, a move she had calculated would help advance her career as an actress and artist. Namath received custody of his daughters.

One day, Shustek and Namath enjoyed a game of golf. Afterwards, Shustek asked to see Namath’s trophies. Namath, AFL and Super Bowl MVP, the Hall of Famer, took Shustek into a room, where his daughters’ school art projects were the focal point of the room. Pointing to them Namath said, “There. Those are my trophies.”

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