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Friday, January 22, 2010

Why NOT Forsaking the Assembly Makes a Difference

Sometimes it is hard being a dad. You try teaching you kids and, unfortunately, sometimes they don’t want to listen. That’s when you pray that, at just the right time, someone else will come along to reinforce what you taught. Perhaps they will listen to them.

A few years ago, one father called another. He explained that he had a young son. One Sunday morning, the father’s young son was sitting down in a pew for his church’s early morning worship service. In walked a young man, a college student, who took a seat in a pew. He was obviously beaten up and his arm was in a sling.

The boy knew that the college student with the sling had flown much of the night and arrived at the airport at three or four in the morning. The reason he had been flying was because his team had played a football game in Lawrence, Kansas the night before against Kansas State. The reason his arm was in a sling was because he was knocked out of the game with an injury. Still, despite pain and exhaustion, he made the decision to worship God with his church—then he would go to the training room for treatment.

One father, with tears, shares his heart and gratitude to another. “My little boy saw that. I just want you to know that was the biggest impression anyone will ever make on my 10-year-old.”

The father who received the phone call was Brad McCoy. The college student whose first priority was to attend the Sunday morning worship service was Brad’s son, Colt.

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