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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Field of Dreams

           An expectation in the beautiful motion picture, FIELD OF DREAMS, was that people would come to the baseball diamond that Ray had built in his cornfield. The movie touchingly ends with a line of cars, stretching for miles, containing people coming to the diamond in the cornfield.
            A few years after the movie was released, I read something neat in the NEW YORK TIMES. On the baseball diamond where they filmed FIELD OF DREAMS, which was built in a real cornfield on a real farm in Iowa, people were coming to play baseball. They would come from morning till night. Strangers were getting together and playing baseball, just like kids.
            Someone built it, and they really did come.
            Does this not show us that there really is a hidden desire, a deep need within each of us, for relationships? There is a spark within us that desires to transcend the day-to-day struggle for success and possessions; it takes us back to our roots and to those values that go beyond time and space. It is the desire for community.
            I think the Church should be a place where that kind of community can be found.

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