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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

But I am Wearing My Seatbelt, Your Honor

            A man appeared in court in Wichita, Kansas recently trying to fight a ticket. It seems a policeman had stopped him for not wearing his seat belt. His argument, which he proudly showed the Judge, was that he was wearing a seatbelt.
            Literally, this was true. Paul Weigand claimed he was satisfying the local seat belt law.
            The prosecutor admitted that he had a point. The law stated that a seatbelt had to be worn–and said nothing about it needing to be attached to a vehicle.
            However, the prosecutor went on to say that this violated the spirit of the law, which was to keep passengers safe. The judge then asked the gentleman if his accessory would keep him safe. When he admitted that it would not, the judge fined him $30 plus court costs.
            Legalism hurts a lot of people, but ultimately, it is self-destructive.

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