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Thursday, July 14, 2011

"He is going to get there, isn’t he?"

            A. Scott Berg, in his biography, LINDBERGH, tells about the time that the great aviation pioneer, Charles Lindbergh, took his family to see the movie THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS. The movie chronicled Lindbergh's courageous flight alone from New York to Paris, becoming the first human to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane.
            Because Lindbergh was such a public figure, his children grew up knowing the story of his famous flight. One day, Lindbergh, his wife, and their three youngest children, quietly attended a screening of the movie in a New York City theater.
            The audience was captivated by the drama. Halfway through the movie, during a moment that was especially tense, Lindbergh's 11-year-old daughter clutched her mother's arm and asked, “He is going to get there, isn't he?”
            I absolutely love that story. It illustrates for us the Christian life. Lindbergh's daughter intellectually knew how the story would end. However, she got caught up in the tension of the moment, and emotionally it was very challenging for her.
            I think it's the same for us as Christians. Intellectually, we know how God's story will end. However, we get so emotionally caught up in day-to-day living, that it is easy for us to wonder, “Jesus is going to get here, isn’t he?”
            Yes, Jesus said he would come back some day; Jesus is going to get here.

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