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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Raffle

            Many years ago, a young man was employed by a bank for a modest salary.  He began to very noticeably live a lavish lifestyle, buying a car and demonstrating that he had suddenly become wealthy.
            Finally, one of the bank executives called him into his office. He asked the young man, “How is it that you, who are only receiving a salary of $20 a week, can spend what must certainly be $75 or more a week?”
            “Why it is simple," the clerk replied, “there are more than 200 employees here and every payday, I raffle off my salary at 50 cents a ticket.”
            Jesus said he wished his subjects felt motivated to use their intelligence and gifts for the Kingdom like people of the world do to pursue their self-interests—That's how it is! The people of this world look out for themselves better than the people who belong to the light” (Luke 16:8b.) CEV

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