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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Daughter Who Booed Her Father

            Fatherhood can be tough.
            Sparky Anderson was one of Major League Baseball's all-time great managers. He had a nickname, "Captain Hook." He was given that nickname because he so often went out to the mound and pulled his pitchers from the ball game.
            Pitchers hated it. The fans did not like it much either. Most the time, they would boo whenever Sparky would come out of the dugout.
            One night, Sparky removed the pitcher and was booed heavily by the crowd. Later, he found out his own daughter, Shirley, had booed him.
            "Why would you boo your father?" he asked her, surprised.
            "I didn't want them to know you're my father," she honestly replied.
            Fatherhood can be tough.
Source: THE LONG BALL by Tom Adelman

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