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Friday, August 5, 2011

Who Wants a $300,000 Home for $16?

         Kenneth Robinson is smart. He knows how to navigate his way through a very chaotic economy. Recently, he did an extensive amount of study on obscure Texas real estate laws.
         In Flower Mound, Texas, owners of a home valued at over $300,000 abandoned it in early 2010. They could not pay the mortgage and simply walked away.
         The company that possessed the mortgage went out of business while they were in the process of foreclosing. Robinson, seeing an opportunity, moved into the abandoned home on June 17 of this year.
         His study had revealed to him a legal concept known as “adverse possession.” Filing the paperwork and paying the $16.00 fee to Denton County, he now awaits ownership. Chances are, it will be his in a couple of years.
         The original owners could force him out, but not before paying off the entire mortgage. The bank that currently has custody of the property could insist that Robinson leave; however, they would first have to file a convoluted lawsuit that could take years to resolve.
         If Robinson remains in the house for three years without receiving a legal challenge, the house will be his.
         Jesus said his followers should be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. No, he was not talking about exploiting loopholes in the law; nevertheless, we should possess a knowledge of the world no one else has--just like Kenneth showed us regarding real estate law. Our knowledge is born upon the wisdom of God. This allows us to see the world as it is, and as it will be.
         Consequently, we are able to navigate this life in a way that is magnificent – better than anyone else. We carry with us insider knowledge of the abundant life. Therefore, we—with humility and confidence—approach life with joy.

Source: WORLD MAGAZINE  August 13, 2011 issue

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